25 Greatest Prebiotic Meals | Final Prebiotic Meals Checklist PDF

The most effective prebiotic meals needs to be an everyday staple in your weight-reduction plan in effort to realize optimum intestine well being. However, what’s a prebiotic, and the way is it totally different from a probiotic? Extra importantly, the place are you able to discover a prebiotic meals checklist PDF to know what to meals to be including into your weight-reduction plan?

Now we have all the pieces you want proper right here, together with each an infographic and a ➡️downloadable Prebiotic Meals Checklist PDF.⬅️

Get able to gas your intestine and optimize your well being with one of the best prebiotic meals.

The Questions We’re Answering In regards to the Greatest Prebiotic Meals:

  • What are prebiotics?
  • What are the advantages of prebiotics?
  • What are Examples of one of the best prebiotic meals?
  • Are prebiotics important to get the optimum profit from probiotics?  
  • Do we have to take a prebiotic fiber complement, or can we simply get all the pieces we want from our weight-reduction plan?
  • What are one of the best prebiotic meals, and the place can I obtain a free prebiotic meals checklist PDF?

What are Prebiotics?

The present definition of a prebiotic is: A substrate that’s selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a well being profit.[4]

Over the previous few years, the definition of prebiotics has expanded from simply being considered fiber-fueling micro organism within the colon to any compound that could be utilized by microorganisms (aka the probiotics) to enhance well being.💃 

Whereas many prebiotic substrates are non-digestible (similar to fiber!), not all types of fiber are thought of a prebiotic. The principle idea to recollect is that for a “substrate” to be thought of a prebiotic 👉it should help within the development and survival of helpful intestine micro organism👈 to be thought of a prebiotic.  

Probiotics typically embody fermented meals by which gut-friendly helpful micro organism are grown and consumed. Frequent examples of nice probiotic-rich meals embody:

  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Kefir
  • Kombucha

Here’s a good infographic exhibiting this distinction between some widespread meals which might be probiotics vs prebiotics.

Infographic comparing the best prebiotic foods to the best probiotic foods

What are Examples of Prebiotics?

The next are examples of essentially the most generally consumed prebiotics. We incessantly devour these “substrates” once we eat meals similar to onions, garlic, and bananas:[5]

  • Inulin (a type of dietary fiber, to not be mistaken for insulin!)
  • Oligofructose (a subgroup of nondigestible inulin fiber)
  • Fructooligosaccharides (a nondigestible carbohydrate)

Lengthy story quick, most any non-digestible meals particles that helps the well being, development, and survival of helpful microorganisms is taken into account a prebiotic!  

What are the Advantages of Taking Prebiotics?

The first profit to consuming prebiotics is improved intestine well being which ends up in improved digestion, bowel actions, and an enhanced immune system.

The explanation we want prebiotics is to feed the wholesome micro organism in our intestine, AKA probiotic microorganisms. They’re dwelling in a harsh, harsh atmosphere and with out the meals and TLC they should survive, they die off and we find yourself with dangerous micro organism overgrowing.  

This atmosphere in our intestine is of course acidic so as to break down meals for digestion. With no intestine/microbiome of flourishing wholesome micro organism/microorganisms, our well being will decline, and we’re vulnerable to quite a few well being points.

Consider what occurs once we can’t digest our meals properly, and our immune system is weakened- we really feel sluggish, we wrestle to recuperate from exercises when not absorbing protein, elevated frequency of sickness similar to colds or infections, and an elevated danger for autoimmune illness.  

Infographic showing the benefits of prebiotics and why you should use a prebiotic food list PDF to guide your food choices.

The best way to Make Positive You Obtain the Advantages of Prebiotics

To learn from prebiotics, we want to ensure to eat a weight-reduction plan filled with probiotic-rich microorganisms i.e. one of the best fermented meals similar to sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, and many others. in addition to supplementing with an ideal probiotic.  Nevertheless, to get essentially the most out of a probiotic and your consumption of fermented meals, the remainder of your weight-reduction plan must be balanced to create a supportive atmosphere for probiotic survival.  

Keep in mind, having wholesome intestine micro organism and a thriving microbiome requires long-term constant effort. You possibly can’t count on to develop a “forest” of wholesome micro organism in your intestine by simply planting just a few saplings, watering them a couple of times, after which abandoning them. That is sort of what it’s like if we devour probiotic-rich meals or a probiotic complement, take a prebiotic complement, then stuff ourselves with sugary meals and cheese puffs.  

Serious about studying extra about fermented meals and what to be including to our weight-reduction plan so as to profit from prebiotics?  Take a look at our put up on the 9 Greatest Fermented Meals for Athletes and seven Superb Advantages of Consuming Fermented Meals.

The best way to Know You’re Benefitting from Prebiotics and Probiotics

So that you upped your consumption of prebiotic-rich meals in addition to fermented meals, however, how are you aware its doing something?

We all know that together with meals with prebiotic substrates or including a prebiotic complement can considerably enhance the expansion, well being, and survival of wholesome intestine micro organism.  We additionally know that when that is achieved, general well being considerably improves.

However, how are you aware you’re benefitting from prebiotics and probiotics?

How are you aware if it’s been value it to surrender your favourite processed meals, sweet, or low-cost take-out meals? Whereas. we all know these meals make for a much less favorable atmosphere for microorganism survival, it could. benice to have clear indicators we;re benefiting from the adjustments we’ve made in our well being.

So, listed below are short-term indicators that you just’re benefitting from prebiotics and probiotics:

  • Each day bowel actions
  • Bowel actions shaped like soft-serve ice cream as an alternative of arduous pellets or blowing the porcelain up like a rifle
  • Decreased or full decision of bloating put up meal
  • Decreased or full decision of burping put up meal

Listed here are long-term indicators you’re benefiting from prebiotcs and probiotics:

  • Improved pores and skin complexion
  • Decreased joint ache
  • Improved muscle restoration after exercises
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Much less frequent sicknesses
  • Shorter period of sicknesses
  • Decreased mind fog
  • Requiring much less sleep to really feel absolutely rested

So, once we say rising your prebiotic and probiotic consumption improves your general well being, we don’t imply only a minor enchancment in well being, we imply A MAJOR enchancment.💪  

When intestine well being improves, nearly each single aspect of well being improves.  With improved digestion comes decreased fatigue, fewer complications and joint ache, a decreased danger for meals sensitivities, improved muscle restoration, improved immune system operate, decreased frequency of sickness, and so forth.  You get the concept.

When you make a significant effort to enhance your intestine well being however proceed to have points, there could also be an opportunity there are larger underlying points that should be addressed, similar to hormone points, poisonous mould publicity, parasites (bear in mind how dangerous the toilet smelled throughout your journey to the Cancun?), and extra. If that is you, contemplate reserving a 👉free 15-minute strategy call to map out a plan👈 to beat your points as soon as and for all. Go to our teaching packages web page to study extra after which guide your name at this time and get began working with our workforce of dietitians instantly.

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What are the Greatest Prebiotic Meals (And a Prebiotic Meals Checklist PDF)?

When searching for one of the best prebiotic fiber-rich meals, you will need to notice there are 8 classes of prebiotics which have proof to help higher well being.  

Whereas fructooligosaccharides, inulin, and galactooligosaccharides are essentially the most generally talked about and researched beta-glucans, isomaltooligosaccharides, guar gum, lactulose, and resistant maltodextrin have been discovered to be helpful types of prebiotics as properly.[6]

Guar gum, a standard additive used as a thickening agent, in addition to isomaltooligosaccharides and lactulose, widespread synthetic sweetener meals components, are a bit extra debatable as to their advantages. Because of this, we’ll go away them out of our checklist of one of the best prebiotic meals.

There are a number of subgroups of prebiotics, similar to oligofructose, which is a subgroup of inulin, and galactose which is a subunit of galactooligosaccharides.  We’ll deal with organizing in response to primary classes to maintain issues easy.

So, listed below are one of the best prebiotic meals damaged down by the kind of prebiotics they include (notice, some meals include a couple of sort of prebiotic and seem in a number of lists.) [7, 8, 9]

Greatest Prebiotic Meals & The Prebiotic Meals Checklist PDF👌:


  1. Mushrooms
  2. Algae
  3. Marine crops similar to seaweed
  4. Oat
  5. Barley


  1. Jerusalem artichoke
  2. Yacon
  3. Blue Agave
  4. Bananas
  5. Onions
  6. Garlic
  7. Leeks
  8. Chicory root
  9. Asparagus


  1. Inexperienced peas
  2. Lentils
  3. Lima beans
  4. Chickpeas and chickpea associated merchandise similar to hummus
  5. Kidney beans


  1. Onions
  2. Garlic
  3. Bananas
  4. Leeks
  5. Chicory root
  6. Candy potato/yams (Read about the difference)
  7. Jerusalem Artichokes (Read about how they’re different from other artichokes)
  8. Globe artichoke
  9. Jicama
  10. Leeks
  11. Agave
  12. Uncooked Dandelion Greens
  13. Yacon root

In search of a useful checklist to print to your fridge, obtain, or carry with you to the hospital?  Obtain and print our 👉free prebiotic meals checklist pdf👈 for a straightforward information:

Prebiotic Foods List PDF infographic listing the best prebiotics for beta-glucans, fructooligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides, and inulin.

Novel Concepts for Incorporating Prebiotic Meals and Dietary supplements in Your Food regimen

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Now that you recognize one of the best prebiotic meals and have a prebiotic meals checklist PDF, you could be questioning the best way to incorporate them into your weight-reduction plan.  We perceive that many of those meals could appear international to you. To help within the strategy of incorporating these meals into your weight-reduction plan,  listed below are 10 methods to include extra prebiotics into your weight-reduction plan:

  1. Combine prebiotic powder similar to Prebiotin Fiber or Klaire Labs Biotagen right into a smoothie.
  2. Chop and sprinkle contemporary leeks or chives in your eggs, potatoes or pat it into your burger patty for an additional burst of taste.
  3. High your salad with dandelion greens or add few to your smoothie.
  4. Make certain to incorporate kidney beans in your chili.
  5. Slice, season, and bake jicama then sprinkle on prime of tacos.
  6. Slice, season, and bake for a more healthy various to french fries that’s wealthy in prebiotics similar to these jicama fries.
  7. Attempt candy potato toast within the morning.
  8. Add contemporary banana to your oats within the morning, a 2 for one!!! (Keep in mind inexperienced bananas are larger in prebiotics than ripe bananas)
  9. Sautee your asparagus in a pan of contemporary garlic and onion- a 3 for one!!
  10. Make a scrumptious lentil soup. Excellent for a reheat and eat!
Infographic prebiotic foods list showing 4 examples of how to get more prebiotics into your meals.

The Final Phrase on The Greatest Prebiotic Meals Checklist

Whereas there’s not as in-depth analysis on prebiotics because the analysis on probiotics, the present analysis on prebiotics and their advantages is now a “well-established scientific reality.”  

Prebiotics have been discovered to enhance the microbiota (intestine) composition, lower irritation, enhance immune system operate, enhance bowel operate, and help in enhancing well being in lots of, many different methods, from reducing the metastasizing of liver tumors to serving to enhance colic in infants.[21]

You probably have not already, obtain our prebiotic meals checklist PDF and begin to improve the quantity of prebiotics you devour by specializing in rising them in your weight-reduction plan. Whereas dietary supplements can assist enhance our well being, we are able to’t out-supplement a nasty weight-reduction plan, so be certain your weight-reduction plan is as much as par earlier than leaping into taking a complement.

Now that you recognize all about the advantages of prebiotics and perceive the reply to “Can you’re taking prebiotics and probiotics collectively?”, it’s time to examine one of the best probiotic strains, one of the best time to take a probiotic for max profit and study in regards to the top-rated probiotic to suit your particular person wants.  

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