Sugar, Dextrose, and Animal Creatine Chews

It’s summer season of 2023, and everybody’s been speaking about creatine once more. This time it’s getting extra consideration from ladies, which is one thing we’ve needed to see for a long time.

At all times forward of the curve, the Animal workforce over at Common Diet has lengthy had many creatine-based dietary supplements, however they reformulated their lineup in 2022, including two extraordinarily artistic editions in 2022:

Animal Creatine Chews Glycogen Reload

What higher technique to begin your post-workout glycogen reload than 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and 4 grams of carbohydrates in Animal Creatine Chews? On this article, we clarify why the selection of sucrose and dextrose is a superb one for Animal athletes.

It needs to be no shock that the preferred product of the bunch are the Animal Creatine Chews. For these unaware, these aren’t chewy — they’re really chewable tablets. And that’s essential not only for the expertise, however the elements used to make them, which would be the focus of this text.

Animal Creatine Chews: Probably the most enjoyable technique to creatine

We cowl the quite a few advantages of creatine within the three articles linked above. However in the case of Animal’s Chews, one thing is required to bind these tablets collectively. And that one thing occurs to be largely carbohydrates – within the type of sugar, dextrose, and a touch of maltodextrin.

No sweeteners wanted: Creatine time is carb-up time

Every four-tablet serving of Creatine Chews gives a traditional 5 grams of creatine monohydrate with 4 grams of carbs (all 4 of that are labeled as sugar). They style nice, they usually do it with out further sweeteners. No sucralose, no stevia, no monk fruit… no want. As a result of we’ve received actual carbs which are already candy.

Animal by Universal Nutrition

We notice that 4 grams of carbs isn’t an enormous deal, and also you’ll actually need extra in a post-workout state, however this provides us an excuse to speak about why we like having some sugar (sucrose) and dextrose (glucose) post-workout, versus one thing like high-fructose corn syrup.

So as we speak, we dig into among the research on utilizing dextrose and sucrose post-workout, and why it’s higher than a higher-fructose post-workout. However first, test our Animal Creatine Chews costs beneath, and join our Common Diet alerts — we now have a sense extra associated merchandise are on their method:

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Muscle glycogen reloading

Earlier than diving deep, let’s rapidly clarify why we’re right here: glycogen.


A 2D illustration of glycogen, the multi-branched glucose polysaccharide used for power storage. Picture courtesy Wikimedia

Glycogen is a type of glucose that’s used as a impartial and easily-accessible technique to retailer power in cells.[1] It will get saved in cells all through the physique, however for our functions, we’re involved with muscle glycogen, versus liver glycogen. Cause being, when coaching exhausting sufficient, muscle glycogen is damaged down and oxidized to supply adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our cell’s high-energy molecule that’s used to contract muscle mass (and much more).[2]

So whereas all glycogen is beneficial to the physique, our focus as hard-training athletes is to reload our muscle glycogen shops as quickly as attainable, particularly if coaching in an aggressive health program that necessitates frequent exercise periods. Muscle glycogen is restricted,[3,4] and as soon as it’s depleted, work output and efficiency/depth diminish considerably.[3]

The query is, how rapidly we will greatest replenish that glycogen to get you again on the sphere or again within the fitness center with out lacking a step.

Nutrient timing: The nice debate

There are a lot of debates relating to nutrient timing, particularly in the case of protein and carbohydrates. Whereas the notorious post-workout “anabolic window” is probably not as brief as some imagine by way of protein,[5-7] there certainly appears to be advantages in the case of ingesting post-workout carbohydrates sooner.

Universal Animal Creatine Chews

For a extra on-the-go supply methodology, check out Common’s Animal Creatine Chews!

As an example, analysis exhibits that when glycogen is closely depleted in a exercise, it may be reloaded within the first 15-60 minutes post-workout with out the help of insulin (this is called the insulin-independent part).[8-13] Together with protein can be useful for each glycogen reload and muscle protein synthesis.[14,15]

And ideal for our functions on this article — one analysis research discovered that creatine supplementation elevated muscle glycogen content material as nicely![16]

We get into dosage beneath, however for those who’re coaching like an Animal, Creatine Chews and their 4 grams of carbohydrates are simply scratching the floor. What are some easy and efficient options so as to add extra?

Dextrose vs. Fructose vs. Sucrose for Muscle Glycogen Reload

One factor we love about Animal is that they hold it easy. For instance, the Animal Fury pre-workout is about as a lot of a straight-shooter because it will get (for those who want extra complexity, Animal Primal can be there).

As talked about within the intro, in the case of the primary carb sources in Creatine Chews, you get 4 grams of sugars coming from sugar (sucrose) and dextrose (glucose). There’s additionally maltodextrin on the label, however it have to be lower than half a gram since all 4 carbohydrates are labeled as sugars, and maltodextrin just isn’t a sugar. So let’s deal with the label’s sugar and dextrose.

With sucrose (desk sugar), you may have a molecule that’s half glucose, half fructose.[17] And with dextrose, you may have D-glucose, the right-handed isomer of glucose, which is similar molecule making up your blood sugar. So it is a glucose-heavy mix, and we like that – good, easy, and straightforward in your physique to course of.

Sucrose (Table Sugar)

Sucrose is equimolar glucose and fructose

Utilizing sugar for glycogen reload is an fascinating scenario, however first let’s speak about dextrose vs. fructose:

Dextrose masses the muscle, fructose masses the liver

At the least three research have proven that muscle glycogen synthesis is bigger with dextrose/glucose than fructose.[18-20] An earlier intravenous research exhibits this as nicely, however to a lesser extent.[21]

Glucose Fructose Glycogen

Fructose reloads liver glycogen, however dextrose/glucose reload muscle glycogen. So why waste time with fructose? Lower to the chase with straight up dextrose![19] The wild half is what occurs when we now have them mixed with sucrose, although…

Typically, analysis repeatedly finds that ingesting glucose results in larger muscle glycogen synthesis, whereas ingesting fructose results in larger liver glycogen synthesis.[18-20] Not solely does fructose take in extra slowly from the gut,[22,23] however the liver additionally has to transform fructose to glucose,[23-25] which is a comparatively gradual course of.[26]

It’s in fact the muscle glycogen that we goal for post-workout, so dextrose is a superior carbohydrate for our functions.

However what about sucrose? It’s half fructose, in spite of everything, and is the primary ingredient in Animal Chews.

Sugar / Sucrose for glycogen reload: higher than you suppose!

Since sucrose is the chemical mixture of glucose and fructose, you’d suppose that it’s much less efficient at muscle glycogen reload. Nevertheless, that is the place it will get fascinating:

Animal Creatine Chews Benefits

Analysis has proven that muscle glycogen synthesis charges are related when evaluating sucrose and glucose![18,27] Cross-comparing proof between a number of research exhibits that inside a 4-hour window, excessive sucrose consumption results in related muscle glycogen uptake as glucose.[28-30] It’s not absolutely clear why that is the case – one principle is that the fructose portion of the molecule pre-occupies and slows liver glycogen uptake, permitting the glucose portion to flee and get to the muscle with no additional interruptions.[18] Regardless, sugar isn’t all the time the villain it’s made out to be.

The purpose is, in the case of post-workout glycogen replenishment, each dextrose and straight desk sugar are nice elements to work with. In the event you’re coaching exhausting, there’s no have to worry the sugar. However notice that the “sweet post-workout” meme solely is sensible if stated sweet isn’t laden with excessive fructose corn syrup… and with most sweet lately, that’s sadly not the case.

Carbohydrate dosage

All of it goes with out saying that you simply really need to prepare like an Animal for this dialog to even be needed — “earn your carbs”, so to talk. In the event you don’t do something to empty your glycogen, you don’t have to do as a lot to refill it, in spite of everything. And in case your muscle glycogen is already full, you’ll simply be sending extra sugar to your liver to increase the pot-belly.

Dextrose vs Honey

When it comes to efficiency, cyclists ingesting dextrose had the next energy output than these ingesting honey (extra fructose, decrease GI).[31]

With that disclaimed, dosage will depend on measurement, urgency, and the way “anabolically enhanced” you’re. As with many issues, there are ranges to this:

For the common Joe who’s coaching as soon as a day, consuming sufficient carbohydrates all through the day will finally get your muscle glycogen reloaded.[32] However, for those who’re going hog wild, most glycogen shops have been discovered with extremely high-glycemic, high-carbohydrate diets starting from 600 to a whopping 1000 grams of carbohydrates![13,33,34] For many, a 24 hour reload is okay. However for others who’re coaching a number of occasions per day or taking a look at repeated bouts (corresponding to in a aggressive event or observe meet), velocity issues.

Common suggestions

Animal Creatine Chews Glycogen Reload

Typically, nonetheless, probably the most affordable suggestion for those who’re trying to reload glycogen shops rapidly is 1.2 grams per kilogram (75-90 grams of carbohydrate) post-workout taken instantly after train.[8] If going full-tilt, this may be executed on an hourly foundation for 4-6 hours post-workout, and glycogen would refill with out protein. Nevertheless, you may decrease the consumption (to say 0.8 grams per kilogram per hour) if combining with protein (corresponding to Animal Whey) and amino acids (Animal Juiced Aminos).[8]

There’s much more to the story, and there are a number of situation-dependent methods. Three nice evaluations are titled “Determinants of post-exercise glycogen synthesis throughout short-term restoration”,[8] “Worldwide Society of Sports activities Diet place stand: Nutrient timing”,[15] and “Fundamentals of glycogen metabolism for coaches and athletes”,[2] they usually’re all nicely value studying for aggressive athletes.

Conclusion: We’re going to want extra chews.

What this tells us is that by making chewables with sugar and dextrose as an alternative of syrup-laden gummies, Animal made the suitable formulation for his or her Creatine Chews and for his or her demographic. And, as most Animal athletes know, carbohydrates and sugar are not to be feared, no less than not instantly post-workout.

The one situation is, these Chews are a mere appetizer by way of carbohydrates. One which no less than will get our creatine reloaded, however hard-training athletes want far extra carbs.

So it appears like we’ll want some extra Chews from Animal.

Keep tuned.

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